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Our volunteer organization couldn't exist without our supporters, who are generous with their time, dollars, and energy.


  • Jim Anderson, Eldora, IA

  • Jo Baumann, Ellis Township, Hardin County, IA

  • Jacob and Lindsey Bolson, Hubbard, IA

  • Mark Broer, Des Moines, IA

  • Andy Burton, Williams, IA

  • Ken and Evelyn Cook, New Providence, IA

  • Richard and Carolyn Crosser, Iowa Falls, IA

  • Royle and Jo Duncan, Alden, IA

  • John and Beverly Gilbert, Iowa Falls, IA

  • Ron and Susan Hawk, Newton, IA

  • Roger Knutson, Hubbard, IA

  • Trent Lambert, Eldora, IA

  • Rex Lawler, New Providence, IA

  • Leah Maass, Ellsworth, IA

  • Scott and Sheila Riggs, Ames, IA

  • Vern and Nancy Schwartz, Alden, IA

  • Raymond and Kathy Stockdale, Iowa Falls, IA

  • Dave and Annette Sweeney, Alden, IA

  • James Sweeney, Alden, IA

  • Mark and Sandra Tomer, New Zealand


  • Cook Farm, New Providence, IA

  • Gibralter Farms, Iowa Falls, IA

  • Iowa River Greenbelt Resource Trust, Eldora, IA

  • Riggs Rentals, Iowa Falls, IA

  • RKR Farms, LLC, Hardin County, IA


  • Dale Howard Auto Center, Iowa Falls, IA

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