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1999 Stewards of the South Fork Fundraiser

Help SFWA continue for another 25 years

The Southfork Watershed Alliance invites you to support our mission to improve water quality in the South Fork of the Iowa River Watershed by donating to our ‘1999 Stewards of the South Fork of the Iowa River Fund Drive to keep our 25 year old Mission alive.

In 1999, a local producer was working with the county NRCS District Conservationist to install some water quality practices on his land. During one of their meetings, the DC pointed out that a greater effect could be made on the entire watershed and should be considered in the individual's conservation plans. The producer and businessman suggested creating a local organization to address the issues. In May of 1999, a group of farmers, producers, educators from Ellsworth Community College, and business leaders gathered to discuss what might be done. During the formation of a group, the District Conservationist started sampling tile water, finding very high levels of phosphorus in the northern part of the river. A steering committee was formed, who invited government agencies, agriculture groups, and community leaders that could assist them in establishing a comprehensive watershed
program. From that group the Southfork Watershed Alliance was formed.

In 2000 the following mission statement was created: Our Mission ..... “To protect, preserve and enhance
the natural resources to the watershed of the South Fork of the Iowa River and its tributaries through voluntary and community support - this mission is a fundamental part of Iowa’s overall environmental goals. Through the commitment of dedicated people and the Alliance partnership, the long-term project goals are achievable.


We ask for your support with a donation of $99, $199 or over $199 to honor the year SFWA was formed. With a donation of $99 and $199 level you will receive a t-shirt or cap, over $199 you will receive both items. At the $1999 level you will receive the t-shirt, cap, a commemorative cutting board, and your name will be on the 1999 Honor Roll of Supporters.

All contributions are used for projects such as, tile inlet protection, strip till and no-till projects, edge of field and in field water quality practices, research possibilities, matching fund opportunities, educational seminars and field days such as, our ‘Keep Nutrients in Your Field’ project, and our annual Water Quality Forum and popular Trade Show.

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